Development Of Village Education (DOVE)

DOVE is a non-profit organization working in the southern districts of Tamilnadu covering Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli districts. It has been carrying out development activities among target population for the past 20 years in the field of education, health, women's empowerment and disaster management.

During catestrophe and disasters DOVE has been in the forefrontcarrying out Relief and longterm Recovery Activity.

We have our office at Pudhur village near sathankulam of Thoothukudi district in Tamilnadu, India. The vast DOVE premise remains the hub of activities where development programmes are being carried out.

The area is typically rural one with a number of villages dotted around. The target population is mostly marginalized people who are labourers, daily wage earners and agri coolies. Yet other population is rearing cattle like goats and cows for their livelihood. In some villages the families are engaged in Palmyra tapping as their prime occupation-collecting Palmyra juice and making jaggery. This is seasonal work that can be had only for 6 months when the Palmyra tree yields juice. The area is usually dry with successive failure of monsoon and water table scaling down. Vast stretches of land remains barren for want of irrigation.

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People Behind

DOVE is managed by a 7 member Board consisting of people in the field of education, health and public life , having a passion for social work and interest in serving marginalized people. Regular meetings are held to review the work carried out on development activities. The members are leading from the front bolstering field activities visiting the villages and the target people regularly. Mr.Rex Packianathan , a Retired Teacher has been the chief functionary looking after both the administrative work as well as the program implementation.

DOVE Staff and Volunteers

DOVE has a committed work force for the active implementation of programmes in various fields. They are people drawn from teaching profession, health sector and personnel from banking sector having knowledge on accounting and savings and credit. With the collective strength of knowledge they are carrying out development activities professionally and successfully. Apart from that, a committed force of volunteers are in the forefront taking up Relief operations, at times of disaster and natural calamities.

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DOVE Children’s Home

DOVE children’s Home was established in the year 2004. Initially it was a home for 120 children, both boys and girls from poor background and marginalized families. Considering the need to provide proper care and education for children families in the project area, DOVE Home was started with support from Swiss Hope International. Still the Home is functioning vibrantly. Thanks to the sponsorship programme extended by Swiss HOPE International.

Those children who are in dire need of help irrespective or caste or religion are brought up in pleasant atmosphere and DOVE Home provides them proper shelter accommodation, food and quality education. They are well taken care of and DOVE home is their second home with pleasing environment and happy atmosphere mingling with other children.

DOVE Community Health Centre

Another prime activity of DOVE is community Health care programmes, providing quality health care to the poor people in the project are. The area being rural and backward, proper medical facilities lacking and the people undergo much hardships at times of medical emergencies. DOVE Health center was initially run with the help of paid doctors. But now one of the board member Dr. Ajay Rex MS (general surgeon) leads the health team of DOVE with support staff comprising B.Sc Nursing completed Home girls. Periodically medical camps are conducted with the help of government health department and provide proper medical help for rural people who otherwise have no access to get treated of their ailments. DOVE medical team is undertaking both curative and preventive aspects of medical care.

Education of Children

DOVE always gives priority for education of children. Apart from DOVE Home, a number of children from poor families are helped to continue their studies. Also, those children who have stopped their studies and are engaged in daily wages due to poverty in the family are being helped to restore their studies by admitting them in nearby schools. A number of children are benefited by DOVE’s child education programme. Since some of the board members are teachers, they constantly monitor their programme. They constantly visit the families in rural villages and give them counselling on the importance of educating their children for a bright future. Having tie up with local schools DOVE staff ensure that these children attent classes regularly without and break. The young girls who are graduated from DOVE -Home collect the children in their villages and take classes. They help them improve their knowledge and perform will in schools.