Community Health Care Programmes

DOVE Community Health Care Programmes

Another prime activity of DOVE is community Health care programmes, providing quality health care to the poor people in the project area. The area being rural and backward, proper medical facilities are lacking and the people undergo much hardships at times of medical emergencies. DOVE Health center was initially run with the help of paid doctors. But now, Dr. Ajay Rex MS (general surgeon) leads the health team of DOVE with support staff comprising B.Sc Nursing completed Home girls. Periodically medical camps are conducted with the help of government health department and provide proper medical help for rural people who otherwise have no access to get treated for their ailments. DOVE medical team is undertaking both curative and preventive aspects of medical care.

At this time of Covid -19 Pandemic, DOVE health care center is taking campaign activities for the containment and spread of the disease targeting large communities, schools and other areas where people gather large in number like market places in this effect DOVE volunteers who are mostly brought up by DOVE Home and DOVE Self Help Groups in villages are helping with commitment. They are in the fore-front providing immediate relief help of food essentials, masks, sanitizers and disinfectants organized by Dove.

When Covid -19 is making a havoc among the population, the normal life of the people is turned upside down and the vulnerable communities are the worst affected. There are no words to express the hardships of daily wage earners, migrant people and rural formers. To mitigate their sufferings, DOVE formulated a comprehensive and long-term recovery in restoring the livelihood of people affected by Covid-19 catastrophe. There is urgent need to upgrade DOVE Community Center into a well-equipped Hospital with proper medical supplies and equipment. This will go a long way in providing proper health care to the needy people and ensure quality health care in the surrounding area.